Energy recycling: Looking beyond the blue box

Most of us don’t think twice about recycling paper, plastics, glass and cans. At smartforme, we want to add energy to the list.

Energy recycling is all about capturing energy that would normally be wasted. Buildings are notorious energy wasters, releasing a phenomenal amount of heat.

smartforme’s building energy system uses air-to-water heat pumps to capture the energy released by a building, and uses it to heat water and individual suites. The heat pumps can be reversed to cool individual suites, with the extracted ‘waste’ energy recycled to preheat domestic hot water.

The “three Rs” of “reduce, reuse, recycle” apply as much to energy as they do to the other materials we use in our daily lives. smartforme’s energy recycling system empowers those living in multi-family dwellings to reduce their energy use and resource consumption.

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